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Rolling in Clover

Red Clover in a Vintage Ball Jar

I went out to pick some chicory blooms this afternoon but I got sidetracked by the red clover.  I felt bad taking it away from the bees and butterflies that were loving it.  In the end I decided that there was a lot of red clover for them in other areas that I wasn’t going to bother so we are all good.   I didn’t take a lot… just this quart.

I only put itin the jar to see how much I’d gathered and how much it took to cover the bottom of my large harvest basket.  Turns out it is one snug quart!  After I’d taken the photo above I  put the clover in a medium sized tray basket to dry.  I set it outside in the sun and brought it in just a bit ago; I’ll set it back out in the sun again tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the chicory.  Maybe.

We'll use the sun's heat to dry the clover blossoms.


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