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It all started with me being off work for a while due to medical reasons. As I was feeling better, I needed to keep myself occupied so I became very active on my local FaceBook buy/sell groups. Now, I’ve always wanted to have chickens out here so when I saw an ad for guinea fowl, I just couldn’t resist. I contacted the seller and reserved two hens and three cocks.

Of course the next step was getting them proper housing. I have a canine condo that was built when I had 6 labs but it is sitting on concrete and would need some modification to be an appropriate hen house. I looked online and found what I though would be a fine temporary home so my mom and I headed to Farm and Fleet to buy a coop to build. This is just going to be a temporary home because they will be free range after they have been here for a week or two. If I don’t contain them they will try to go back to where they came from.

When we got to F&F, of course the only one they had was the display unit. Sure, I’d take the display unit! After all, none of the other Farm and Fleet stores for 75 miles showed having any in stock and it would eliminate that bothersome step of having to assemble the coop. This was a great plan!! Well, except that the assembled coop wouldn’t fit in the back of a Chevy Captiva because it’s too tall. I had paid for the coop and wasn’t going to leave without it so a young man and woman from F&F disassembled the coop in the parking lot so I could take it home. Ah well, it’s always something. And I’m getting guineas!!

Things got busy during the week and we didn’t get around to getting the coop assembled. Okay, to tell the truth I was putting it off because I remember how long it took me to build a doghouse! The guineas had to be picked up on Saturday so on Friday afternoon, we got out the electric screwdriver and started assembling. Some of it was already assembled, so how bad could it be? It really wasn’t too bad but there were some moments. Like when we figured out that we had it upside down and the left and right sides were reversed. But we got it all together and in place under the Prairie Fire tree just waiting for the Guinea Gang.

Saturday afternoon came and I loaded up a dog crate to bring The Gang home. It is a wire crate and has a pan in the bottom. Perfect! The guineas could breathe and the pan would catch their poopage. Hold that thought… It seems that the guineas didn’t want to just stand around in the crate and enjoy their 15 minute ride. They wanted to shit and kick it out while they were stomping around in the crate. Let me tell you, guinea shit smells no better than any other shit! Okay, maybe not as bad as some, but it is not a fine fragrance. And it’s green. When I got home I had green guinea shit all over the back of the vehicle because I forgot to put down the plastic drop cloth.

But it doesn’t matter because I have guineas! It’s crazy how happy this makes me. I sit with the window open and listen to them out there in their temporary home and they sound content. And I’m content.


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