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Lavender Goat's Milk Soap

Today I made my first full-sized batch of soap since I had shoulder surgery a while back.  I’ve made some batches of soap that were 2-3 lbs of oils but today I bit the bullet and made a BIG batch.  Yay me!  Woohoo!

This batch started out with 12 pounds of oils and butters and then I added in the essential oil, goat’s milk, clay, and caustic solution.  It’s now a bit over 17 lbs of soap batter and will lose a bit of weight during the curing process.  The curing time is mainly for water to evaporate out of the soap.  Right now the bars would weigh 6.4 ounces each but they won’t weigh that much in a few weeks.  The color will change a smidgen, too.

Truth be told, I was rather timid about doing a 12 lb batch and had horrid visions of being too weak to do it and having a huge caustic mess on my hands.  Luckily that didn’t happen and I managed just fine.  I’m expecting some soreness tomorrow but that will go away – I did it and soon there will be 42 big-ass bars of Lavender Goat’s Milk soap on the curing rack.  Now, what kind of soap should I make tomorrow?

With the dividers, I don't have to cut the soap after it's firmed up.


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